Services of our car parks

In our car park we offer different services:


If you need to move your caravan from the car park to your holiday destination or return it, you can hire our vehicle transfer service. We carry out transports from Pineda de Mar to Lloret de Mar.


If you have any incident or damage to your caravan, consult us without obligation for its possible repair.

-Electrical outlets-

Our facilities have electrical outlets that our customers can use whenever they need it.
Washing: Before traveling, let us know in advance and we will do a pressure wash in your caravan.

-Water emptying-

Our clients have a specific place, specifically enabled for this.
Faucets: We have hoses to fill the water tanks.


Our facilities have security cameras with 24-hour image recording and motion detectors around the perimeter.


When you contract our services, you automatically have fire and theft insurance. You can also take out hail insurance with us.

-Fingerprint access-

If you wish to be able to access our facilities at any time, you can contract fingerprint access for you and a companion.

-For sale-

Do you want to sell your caravan? We take care of it. We have a wide range of second hand caravans at very attractive prices.


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